How To Find The Google Fidget Spinner Easter Egg


Fidget Spinners have been every where. Right from the ‘western nations’, USA and UK, to the extreme East, in Japan, in Korea, as well as in India, Africa, Australia. You get it, they’re everywhere. Fidget Spinners have suddenly sprung up everywhere and are an instant success globally. We see such mass adaptation rarely. Google too has joined the trend, and the company has their very own fidget spinner. There’s a Google fidget spinner Easter egg in Google search.

Used billions of time every day, Google Search is the most popular search engine of all times. However, from time to time, Google introduces random Easter eggs in search from time to time. There have been a number of these Easter eggs such as the one which makes your screen tilt a little when you search for “askew”, or searching for “z or r twice” will make your screen do a barrel roll. While these are search-based Easter eggs that do stuff to your screen and the way you see text, the Google fidget spinner Easter egg brings out an embedded tool.

Embedded tools are Easter eggs on Google search which help you do simple actions, mostly very silly, such as ‘flip a coin’ or ‘fun facts’, etc. When you search for ‘Spinner’, Google will now show you a Fidget Spinner on top of the search. This is the Google fidget spinner Easter egg.

It comes with just one button – Spin. Pressing it would begin spinning the fidget spinner and pressing it again would increase or decrease the speed. The Google fidget spinner Easter egg is a cool tool for those who are addicted to fidget spinners and a cool introduction to spinners for those who are yet to try this.