Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Launch In Late September For About 1000 Euros


There have been many rumors and speculations about Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The phone has been a subject of several discussions for the past few months. However, all the information on the device has been rather ambiguous so far. Today’s reports shed a better light on them, as they come via Evan Blass – a man known for his authentic information. As per reports from Evan, the phone is expected to come out in late September, and it would cost a bomb.

The reports indicate that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would come out at a price of 999 Euros. This is quite a costly affair, but is still likely to be one of the highest selling phones of the second half of the year. Samsung’s latest Note smartphone is the successor to last years’ Samsung Galaxy Note 7. After the disaster that the Note 7 was, Samsung would like to ensure that everything is proper this time.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes out into the markets in late September with a 6.3 inched AMOLED display. It will feature an aspect ratio of 18.5:9 The phone would feature 6GB of RAM, along with the Snapdragon 835 processor. It reminds one of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus which came out earlier this year at 6.2 inches of display. However, the Note 8 features a better display, as well as the S-Pen stylus. Another major difference here is that the phone would feature dual cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is said to come out with 12MP+12MP dual cameras on the back. The phone would be the first Samsung flagship to offer this feature. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also support Samsung DeX. Surprisingly, the battery on the device would be that of only 3300mAh which is quite a surprise considering the power requirements of the phone. Looks like Samsung is playing safe with the battery here after last years’ incidence.