2017 Pixel Smartphones To Be Codenamed ‘Muskie’ and ‘Walleye’
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2017 Pixel Smartphones To Be Codenamed ‘Muskie’ and ‘Walleye’

Before they are officially launched, all smartphones get a code name for internal use, which ensures that even if some aspects of the device leak out, the anonymity is maintained. The 2016 Pixel smartphones were codenamed Marlin and Sailfish. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has reportedly been codenamed ‘Great’. Latest reports now indicate the codenames for the 2017 Pixel smartphones to be Muskie and Walleye.

This information was spotted on the Android Open Source Project Gerrit, where the Walleye has been spotted. Current speculations indicate that Muskie is the larger of the two 2017 Pixel smartphones, while Walleye will be the regular sized Pixel. As of now this is the only information that has emerged about the two upcoming 2017 Pixel devices.

Google is likely to stick to the two phones format where we will see a larger Pixel XL device and a regular sized Google Pixel smartphone. The reports of the phones being named Walleye and Muskie have been given a high ‘confidence score’ by multiple sources, and it is very likely that the upcoming smartphones are indeed going to be codenamed that.

Google has been naming their smartphones based on fishes. There were the Marlin and Sailfish Pixel smartphones, there were also rumors of the Sailfish and Angelfish Google smartwatches, which are yet to see the light of day. The 2017 Pixel has been named after fishes as well. Muskie and Walleye are both fishes found in the North American freshwaters.

As of now there are no further details on the devices. Chances are that they will feature the gen-next Snapdragon processor, and run on Android O Operating System. The phones will once again be banking on the camera, like they did last year. However one of the biggest differences this year would be that the 2017 Pixel phones will be water resistant – the one major thing lacking from the previous generation Pixel devices.

Article written by Ishita Kothari

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