Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix Comparison

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix Comparison

Streaming has taken over the way we know content consumption to be. The cable TV is on its way out, and online content is the hottest thing in the markets. Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are the biggest names when it comes to online content streaming. There is often a confusion about which of these to choose, and the users tend to make a wrong, ill-informed choice. However, after reading this guide on Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix, you will never face this confusion again!

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Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix: Content

One of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing which of the two is a better service, content is the biggest factor. Exclusivity makes things special. While there are many shows and movies which are present on both the platforms, both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have one differentiating factor – their exclusive ‘original content’.

Amazon Prime Video has the likes of Man in the High Castle, Transparent, Neon Demon, Catastrophe, etc. Netflix clearly has a better variety of content. Netflix originals include the likes of Marvel’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, etc. Netflix is also the home to TV Shows such as The OA, The Crown, Westworld, Orange is the New Black, Narcos, among many others.

Winner: Netflix

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix: Video Quality

Netflix offers the users with a wide variety of video quality options. Users can choose to stream the content in SD, HD, and UHD based on their choice and bandwidth. Recently, they have also begun offering HDR services to the users.

Amazon Prime Video too offers the users with all of these formats. However, they were the first ones to offer HDR services to the users. This does give them an edge when it comes to experience in providing high-quality videos.

Additionally, while the basic Netflix subscription does not feature the 4K content, Amazon Prime Video supports all formats in one plan. It is certainly a better bang for your buck when it comes to video quality.

Winner: Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix: Features

Amazon Prime Video as well as Netflix, both offer their users with a number of high-end services. Both these services are compatible with Smart TVs and smartphones, as well as laptops. This makes your content accessible from everywhere where you have an internet connection.

Netflix has taken things one major step further. Users can now download content on to their app for offline viewing. Users can download it when they are in areas with internet connectivity, and save it for offline viewing later. Netflix also allows the creation of a separate kid friendly content block where they can view only the child friendly content.

In addition to this, Netflix allows the users to view everything for free once you take a subscription, Amazon Prime Video still has some videos that need to be paid additionally for.

Winner: Netflix

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix: Pricing

The biggest factor when it comes to finally deciding to go with a service or going for its competitor comes via the pricing. The pricing does play a major, major role in the ultimate decision-making process. This is indeed a major decisive factor in the battle between Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix.

The subscriptions for Netflix vary between $7.99 to $11.99 based on the package you purchase. Amazon Prime Video is available at a fixed cost of $99 per year. We’d give Netflix an edge here, as it offers different packages based on your needs. In addition to this, the content vs pricing equation too, fits the best here.

Winner: Netflix

Article written by Ishita Kothari

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