Apple Releases Its Brand New MacBook Pro
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Apple Releases Its Brand New MacBook Pro

On the 25th anniversary of the release of Apple’s first netbook computer, the PowerBook, we get the new MacBook Pro. According to Apple, the new MacBook Pro is the thinnest, lightest, and most powerful version of the Pro to date. With improved graphics performance, a brighter display, better speakers, and a new thermal architecture that promises to be quieter and lessen system overheated, the device looks worth the four year wait. In this latest version of the Pro, the trackpad is now double the size and finally includes the Force Touch. The keyboard has been updated as well to include the “butterfly” keyboard seen on the most recent MacBook. Two Thunderbolts ports on each side keep the new netbook looking clean and uniform and yes, it still has a headphone jack.


Most notably, in the premiere models, Apple has done away with the Mac’s row of function keys and replaced it with a mini Retina display named, Touch Bar. Touch Bar lets you interact directly with whatever software you are using, adjusting its touch functionality to the task at hand. The right side of this bar also includes TouchID, utilizing the new Apple T1 chip for security. And this wouldn’t be a piece of Apple hardware without Siri built-in. The new Pro is available now starting at $1499 and will be shipping in the coming weeks.

Not mentioned at the event, Apple seems to have pulled the 11-inch MacBook Air from all of its online stores following its MacBook Pro presentation. The base-level MacBook Air is now the 13-inch for $999 and it received a minor update — more RAM. Apple touted the 13-inch Pro’s specs against the existing 13-inch Air, emphasizing that it was thinner and lighter — in addition to being more powerful — despite the much-steeper price.

And that’s it. We’ve got the new MacBook Pro we’ve been waiting for, it has a crazy cool-looking Touch Bar, and a TV app that has the potential to make cord cutting more appealing to the masses.

Article written by Karan Paul

Fond of football, and particularly of Manchester United, Karan is a law student from Rajkot. However, he has been writing technology for the past 2 years. He covers day to day news stories for Newsient, and loves to play around with the newest of gadgets! Contact him at [email protected]