Apple TV 4K Announced at 2017 Apple Keynote
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Apple TV 4K Announced at 2017 Apple Keynote

Tim Cook gives a little talk on the history of the television. Apple TV 4K was announced. This gen-next Apple TV device features a 4K display, as well as High Dynamic Range (HDR). Apple has re-designed the entire Apple TV UI to support 4K. A clip from Spider Man: Homecoming is shown off to prove how incredible the picture quality is.

The A10X fusion chip powers the Apple TV, which is the same chip that powers the iPad Pro. CPU is now twice as faster while graphics are 4 times better than the current Apple TV. Apple is also working towards bringing forward more content to their library. 4K HDR content is now available at the same price as HD. Those who have already purchased content can now view it in 4K HDR at no additional charge.

Moreover, Apple has also been working with streaming providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to bring in their 4K HDR content to Apple TV. Apple TV comes to seven new countries, including Canada and Australia. Moreover, Apple has ensured that there are a number of local services and localized content for the users.

Apple TV is also bringing in live sports and live news later this year! You will be able to see live scores at all the times (Which you can turn off). You can also share your photos and videos form your phone to your TV.

The A10X fusion chip allows the users to make use of better games on the Apple TV. Apple shows off a game demonstration on Apple TV. A multiplayer game with immersive graphics are shown off which can be played with the Siri remote. The game is called ‘Sky’ and it will be available for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

Apple TV 4K comes out in two variants 32GB for $179 and 64GB for $199. Apple also announced the Apple Watch Series 3 at the event.

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