Best WiFi Extender You Shall Consider Buying


WiFi Extender is a tool which helps you to extend the range of your WiFi router. A lot of organizations and people at home use a WiFi Extender. In most of the cases when the signal is out of range we generally get two routers and provide connection to both the routers, but a WiFi extender can save the amount of purchasing an extra router and there is no need of connections too. Some of the best WiFi extenders are available at a price lesser than $80 while a WiFi router cost above $100.

These days people don’t prefer in-stable network connectivity, they would rather prefer something slow over not being connected. Network access at home, office or travel is a highly required. Official work, chats, data transfer, documentation and most of the important work related to office as well as personal are carried out online. Some of the workplaces/in a big home, the network speed reduces from the WiFi router. In such case, WiFi extender helps a lot.

What is WiFi Extender?

WiFi Extender is a device which is capable of rebroadcasting the signals from a regular WiFi router. It is also called as a wireless repeater. WiFi extender works on Wireless Network Interface Controller (WNIC) where the bands would intercept with the signal and connect to the WiFi router and the broadcast the signal around it covering a better and farther range. There is both single and double band WiFi extender, but in the case of a single band extender, the same band connects as well as broadcasts the signal which results in a signal loss. While in the case of a double band WiFi extender the first band connects to the WiFi router and the second one would broadcast the network.

Issues in a WiFi Network

  • Microwave around WiFi router.
  • Metal concealed place around router or a room with just walls.
  • Placing a WiFi on a computer.
  • The high electric field around the router.

10 Best WiFi Extenders

In case there is a WiFi router on the ground floor and the signals hardly reach the second floor then installing a WiFi extender on the first floor, would boost the network and there would be good internet connectivity on the second floor. The good amount of internet is picked up by the WiFi extender and is further boosted which results in a good amount of network in the second floor. Without wasting a minute more, lets start looking for the best best WiFi extenders in the market.


This is a 2 band WiFi extender which compatible with 802.11 b/g/n and 802.11ac WiFi devices. DWJ repeater is one of the best WiFi Extender which is capable of boosting the WiFi signals without any signal wastage.All the WiFi dead zones will be eliminated. MSRM is very easy to install and once it is connected to the router it would broadcast the signals.

This WiFi extender would provide consistent, good connection which is required for video streaming, VoIP, online gaming etc. The speed of this repeater is up to 750Mbps which is able to broadcast up to such high-speed internet. StarTech provides 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

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2. Comfast E325N 2.4G


  • This WiFi extender is suitable for offices, hotels, restaurants as it can be mounted on the ceiling and where looks matter.
  • 3db antennas with 500W amplifier and has a 1.48V POV injector to connect.
  • This has Watchdog chipset which is capable of restarting the router when there are network errors and connecting issues with the help of intelligent restart program.
  • It can detect problems in both WiFi extender and connection which would be fixed by the abnormal recovery switch.
  • Automatic optimization would handle multiple network connections and would optimize the connection according to the usage of the devices connected to them.
  • The transmission limit is 300Mbps at a speed of 3Ghz, which is able to deliver equal speed to multiple devices connected.This is compatible with 802.11 b/g/n WiFi routers.

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NETGEAR AC1200 WiFi Extender

  • One of the best WiFi extender which has a huge bandwidth capacity and data broadcast rate.
  • Has powerful dual bands which are capable of providing a connection for multiple devices when connected at a time. Such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Amazon Fire TV.
    5db antennas with a 700mW amplifier which would boost a lot more than the regular Wi-Fi extender.
  • Dual core processor to manage the data transfer packets from WiFi router and provide network at a vast yet quick manner.
  • Apart from wireless transmission also provides 4 LAN ports to connect gaming console, laptops, PCs, Blu-ray player, Android TV etc.
  • Ethernet port is able to transfer 4Gigabit which is equivalent to 625Mbps connection apart from 1200Mbps wireless extension.

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4. Linksys AC1200 RE6500HG-FFP

Linksys AC1200 RE6500HG-FFP WiFi Extender

  • This device is versatile and has multiple functionality options. It is a WiFi extender, Ethernet as well as a wireless audio connector. This is a double band WiFi extender which has low drop rate, there is no net loss because of 2 bands.
  • This WiFi extender has a capacity of 1200Mbps and is very efficient in broadcasting the signals.
  • According to Linksys, this repeater is capable of transmitting signals as wide as 10,000 square feet, because of the RE6500.
  • This would not only extend the regular router’s range but would also provide a wired connection which is more consistent.
  • The audio system works with the help of RE6500 encryption which has secured WiFi connection and can connect sound system wirelessly with the help of smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.
  • Apart from 4 wired connectivity slots wireless devices can also be connected to this WiFi extender.
  • This WiFi extender costs $89 which is quite expensive but when its pros are taken into consideration it would be worth.

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5. Posiuan MSRM US300

Posiuan MSRM US300 WiFi Extender

  • This is a reasonable WiFi extender from the company Posiuan which is highly effective and can be used in case of a mobile office.
  • It is easy to carry, install and use. It is very compact which could be wall mounted and can be moved as per usage and requirement.
  • It is built in such a way that it is able to cover a larger distance and to provide network coverage anywhere in your home.
  • As there are no antennas protruding from the WiFi extender it can broadcast data in 360 degrees across it.
  • This WiFi extender is more than enough for domestic, small mobile offices, startup hubs etc.
  • It is built-in with intelligent wireless repeater and has a real-time performance monitor to increase its efficiency.

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NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Extender

  • Another midrange WiFi extender from Netgear. This is ideal for extending the WiFi range for the sake of mobile devices.
  • This is a dual bandwidth which is efficient and doesn’t allow network drop while there is a change of band.
  • This has a maximum data transfer speed of 750Mbps.
  • This supports some of the latest WiFi router versions such as 802.11ac & b/g/n.
  • This has a wall-plug design without any adapters. This also contains an Ethernet port for the wired connectivity purpose such as PCs, laptop for better performance.
  • This has two antennas for better transmission of the network.
  • Fast-line Technology uses both the WiFi bands to establish a high-speed connection.

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7. D-Link (DAP-1520)

D-Link (DAP-1520) WiFi Extender

  • D-Link is known for WiFi router, this is a WiFi extender from the same brand which would have no problems at all in case you are using this for a D-Link router to boost its network.
  • This is a double band with two band speed: 300Mbps @ 2.4 GHz input and 433Mbps @ 5 GHz transmission which would try to transmit in a wider range.
  • Compatible with any router available in the market. No need to look for your router’s series in order to purchase the WiFi extender.
  • Wall-plug design without any adapters. Portable, can be used as a mobile WiFi extender as it is compact and simple to plug and use.
  • WPS button is provided in the case of the WiFi extender. WPA2/ WPA encryption available, to protect anyone from accessing your network.

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8. D-Link DAP-1650

D-Link DAP-1650 WiFi Extender

  • The previous D-Link WiFi extender was for minimalistic usage. This can be used extensively with even more device connectivity options.
  • This WiFi extender is capable of delivering 1200Mbps with its maximum efficiency. Providing high-speed connectivity for the devices.
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports are available on this device, for wired connectivity. Which also supports high-speed data transfer.
  • Easy one click button access to connect to the repeater.
  • This WiFi extender is also compatible with all the wireless routers available.
  • Safely secure encryption is available to protect the WiFi extender from the open network for unknown users.
  • This has a supportable QRS mobile app which can be used to connect to the WiFi extender to setup.
  • The bandwidth that connects back to the router is same as the router’s bandwidth resulting in moderate coverage. But within the coverage area, it is very efficient.

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9. TP-Link AC1200 RE305

TP-Link AC1200 RE305 WiFi Extender

  • This is an ideal WiFi extender WiFi for Echo/Alexa, iPhone, Android devices.
  • Wall-plug technology without any tangling wire around. Can be used for PlayStation, TP-Link’s smart plugs, and bulbs.
  • Ideal for domestic purpose where a 4-5 phone would be connected to the device.
  • Very fast data boost rate and huge bandwidth support up to 1200Mbps.
  • Can be used as plus and play as this is compact and portable can be used home, work space etc.
  • Supports access point mode which helps in creating new wireless access point as well as fast Ethernet port for quick network access.
  • 2 years of warranty with lifetime technical support would be provided with this device.
  • Routers with version 802.11 a/b/g/n/ can be easily connected and used.

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10. KUSDG MSRM 300Mbps

KUSDG MSRM 300Mbps WiFi Extender

  • This is one of the popular and reasonable and best WiFi extenders which can be used at any place such as office, home etc.
  • This is a wall-plug supportable repeater which can be carried during traveling too.
  • This has Ethernet connection for the purpose of PCs or faster-wired network usage.
  • Compatible with 802.11b/g/n routers.
  • Signals can penetrate through walls, providing easy efficient network connectivity.
  • Easy setup option from the official website of KUSDG. LED indicators on the display for power, internet status, and WiFi indicator.

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Most of all the WiFi extenders nearly have the same functionality, to pick up the WiFi signals and to broadcast them to other devices around. Some have a high bandwidth, some are portable and handy. There are a lot of choices to select on basis of cost effectiveness, versatility, performance etc.