The Delhi firecracker ban and bounding protestors against the SC ruling

In 2017, Diwali was definitely a lot different in the capital of India in comparison to the other years. The ban imposed by the Supreme Court on the firecrackers induced the people to celebrate a much better and pollution free Diwali this year. While many people actually liked the decision and actually put forth their affirmation on the decision, many people stepped back on the same and had protested against the ban claiming it to be an anti-Hindu movement. Nonetheless, the ban has worked very efficiently and has paved its way to create a very healthy and pollution free environment.

There are several non-religious liberals who are very much opposed by Supreme Court’s verdict and strive to put down clauses to prove the incompetence of the said ruling. There are primarily three different arguments that are proposed by these groups, and they are nothing but a complete debauchery.

The first stance regarding the argument includes the argument that the court has reached over their limits and that the ban is not even fruitful enough to be implemented. People fail to understand the fact that the ban was mainly imposed on the sellers of these firecrackers and not on the buyers directly. The rate of pollution that is constantly on the rise is due to the contribution of one person, but the consequences are being faced by every other citizen.

The second stance of protest covers the issues on why the court doesn’t rule out against the major issues causing pollution. While the protest is not completely wrong, it is best to understand the fact that changes come from minor starts. It is always best to start slowly and with the minor things which later can amount to bigger issues and the changes related to the same.

The third form of protest includes the argument that the ban restricts the common people from celebrating one of the most important festivals. This is very absurd because the joy of a festival doesn’t stagnate itself till the bursting of crackers, rather the opposite. It is important to understand that these small changes add up to inflict a much bigger change.

The Supreme Court doesn’t base their judgments and verdicts on the “what ifs” and tries to implement changes that would affirm causing and negative scenarios. This ban of the firecrackers this year in Delhi, India sure did help in making this place a little healthier to reside in.