Domestic help workers to get an organized sector status

The Indian labor industry is so large and complex that it is very difficult to differentiate between the organized and the unorganized sectors. One such example can be stated at the domestic help workers who are scattered in geography and the nature of the job that they are entitled to perform also keep varying.

There are several cases that are being reported about the ill-treatment of the domestic help and getting more work done for the money paid as salary and many more problems to add on. These kinds of domestic help workers do not have an organized structure for work like that of unions to protect them on grounds on humanitarian and labor laws. Not just within the borders of the nation, there are several cases that are reported outside the borders where these workers are sent to work on a contractual basis are being treated by unfair means.

Keeping the miseries of all this in mind, the present NDA government has planned to turn this workforce into a formal sector so that the workers can avail of all the facilities the other workers avail from an organized sector like minimum wage limits, security benefits, etc. This formalization of this workforce will only aid more in urbanization as the people who do these jobs are the ones who left their hometown in the pursuit of finding good paying jobs in the city. This job does not require any special skills or educational qualification, but this sector proves to form a major crunch of an urban economy and that the right rules framed for this sector will only foster the development of an urban economy.

Apart from looking at the growth of the economy that can be gained from this sector, it also increases the quality of life of these domestic help workers who toil hard to make both ends meet.

The incident which occurred at an apartment complex at Noida that detained a female worker on suspicion of theft is one of the biggest reasons to form a policy that would not only assure the workers of the basic needs like a good salary, proper workforce treatment, etc. But also, the other needs from the family point of view of the worker’s side that would require them to go on a maternity leave, pension benefits if they had worked for years together at a place, etc. And all these can be achieved only by the formation of unions, the labor ministry said.