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Facebook Attacks Snapchat Again with Messenger Day

Facebook has been on a war with Snapchat for quite a long while. There have been a number of inspirations Facebook seems to have taken from the app. Snapchat is the biggest threat for Facebook when it comes to video content. The company has been coming out with a number of innovative methods for engaging users with visual content, but Snapchat tends to outsmart them time and again. Facebook, after bringing forward the Instagram Stories on their Instagram app, and after introducing MSQRD filters on their main app for a while, is attacking Snapchat again. This time, with a feature on the Facebook Messenger called – Messenger Day


With the Messenger Day feature, Facebook is trying to do something very similar to what Instagram does with the ‘stories’. Users can now upload images and videos, add filter to it, and they would be visible for the next 24 hours. This is eerily similar to what Snapchat has to offer for their users. With Facebook Messenger now being actively involved in this, things are all set to get difficult for Snapchat in the days to follow.

The Messenger Day feature has debuted in Poland for now. There is now word on when the same would be available for the users around the world. Facebook is being tough on Instagram, but at one point of time, they wanted to acquire it too. Facebook had offered the company $3 Billion in 2013. However, Snapchat refused, and in the next three years, grew by over 300% that amount. Snapchat recently introduced the Snapchat Spectacles as well.

With the Messenger Day feature, Facebook is aiming at tackling Snapchat one more time, and it would be their third major blow to the company. Snapchat has, however appeared cool at the face of the storm, and is continuing its operations in a calm manner. We can’t wait to see what trick Snapchat plans to pull up next after this move from Facebook.

Article written by Kishan Jobanputra

Based out of Rajkot, Kishan is an avid traveler, and a featured travel writer. He also happens to be a major tech enthusiast, and one can almost call him an Apple evangelist. He loves to recommend the brand to people. He is a journalist by profession. Contact him at