Facebook Profile Picture Guard Protects Profile Pictures in India

Facebook Profile Picture Guard Protects Profile Pictures in India

Facebook is the biggest player in the markets of social media. Out of the Billions of users on their platform, a large chunk of the user base comes from India. Reports from August 2016 indicate that there are over 108,000,000 Indian users on Facebook, and the number has only gone up since then. Facebook realizes that identity theft is a very common problem in India, and they have now rolled out a new feature called the Facebook Profile Picture Guard for the users based in the country.

This new tool introduced by Facebook ensures that your profile photo cannot be saved or downloaded. It prevents that option on all the platforms Facebook works on. Facebook mentioned in a blog post, “In India, we’ve heard that people want more control over their profile pictures, and we’ve been working over the past year to understand how we can help.” As of now this Facebook Profile Picture Guard feature has rolled out only in India and is yet to reach all the users in the nation.

In addition to protecting the images from being saved or downloaded, the Facebook Profile Picture Guard also ensures that Android users can’t even take a screenshot of the image to save it on their phone. In addition to introducing the Facebook Profile Picture Guard, Facebook is also introducing a number of new patterns that can be used on profile pictures, these patterns are inspired from Indian textile designs. Facebook’s research has shown that a Profile Photo is less likely to be copied or impersonated if it has a design on it.

Those images protected by the Facebook Profile Picture Guard come with a blue box around them with the icon of a shield on the bottom.  Facebook is running this experiment in India as a trial, if successful it would roll out to users all over the globe.

Article written by Vishal Sancheti

Vishal likes calling himself the “Manager” at Newsient. A contributor at various tech websites, and a leading name among the techie community of Rajkot, Vishal is also a big enthusiast of rooting smartphones and tinkering around with their operating systems. Contact him at [email protected]