With a faltering economy in Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi is trying to implement ways to cower more followers

Most of the Congress followers and even insiders have claimed for a fact that winning the elections in December in Gujarat is like a farfetched dream. But that definitely doesn’t mean that the political party can’t implement ways to gain more following for the future elections. Rahul Gandhi is to be adorned as the leader of the Congress party sometime in the coming weeks, and he has claimed to experiment ways to better the condition of the country and outsmart the ways opted by the honourable Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi.

When the MP and the senior leader of the party, Jyotiraditya Scindia was contacted, he had some important things to say-

“You will see many changes and every change will be a reaffirmation of what Congress’s core beliefs are. The right time has come to strike a chord with the masses against Modi’s governance style, and we will not miss it.”

This itself seems like Rahul Gandhi is set to reform the areas that he feels need some changes. We just have to wait to see if they are actually done or are just empty words.

Several of the Congress officials have projected their affirmation on the fact that the Modi Government is lagging behind on creating new jobs. This is exactly what Rahul Gandhi is focusing at the moment. The “soon to be” leader has been traversing across Gujarat and has even met several of the trade unions and even small traders to discuss ways to increase scopes of employment in the area.

None of the Congress officials and members is in denial, and they are very well versed with the fact that winning the next election is next to impossible, but the party is working hard to make a difference in the next one. Rahul Gandhi is set on rectifying his public image and is often starting to mend ties with the regional parties to better their chances.

While this may often irk a feeling of distress, BJP leaders on the other hand claim to be anything but stressed about these possible reforms and the implementation of the same.

“What does his claim to fame rest on? Two months of campaigning does not make him an active politician.” said the national spokesperson for BJP.

It looks like while one party is set on keeping their position intact, the other is finding ways to reform them and cement their places instead.