Find Out How Much Profit You Would Have Made Had You Invested In Crypto Currencies Earlier

Find Out How Much Profit You Would Have Made Had You Invested In Crypto Currencies Earlier

Some of the hottest conversations in the tech industry of late are around the subject of crypto currencies. Those attractive internet based virtual currencies are becoming increasingly popular for investments. However, many times people are overheard saying – Damn this currency thing is growing too fast. I should have invested a year ago. Have you felt the same? Here’s the perfect solution for you.

CryptoGround has developed an online tool which allows you to calculate the amount of money you would have made by now had you invested in crypto currencies earlier. The website gives you an option to select any crypto currency of your choice, along with the amount of money you would have invested.

For example – having invested $100 in Bitcoins on 22nd January 2012 would have made you a return of $64955.48 today. This is a really fascinating tool which lets you choose from over 50 top crypto currencies and allows you to check what you would have earned had you invested back then. The website allows you to go back to as far as 2011.

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This is quite a learning in the world of crypto currencies – any time you invest in the market, it has been safe in the long run. Most of these coins have boomed and everyone who has invested and held has made major profits. As bitcoin crosses the $4500 mark, this world of crypto currencies continues to grow as it has begun to attract more and more investors.

On another note, CryptoGround, the website which features this tool is a lot more than just this. The website allows the users to experience trading in crypto currencies in a safe environment. Basically, it allows you to ‘invest’ without you having to spend actual money. It is a training ground for anyone who is willing to invest into crypto currencies. You can visit the CryptoGround website by clicking here.

Article written by Vishal Sancheti

Vishal likes calling himself the “Manager” at Newsient. A contributor at various tech websites, and a leading name among the techie community of Rajkot, Vishal is also a big enthusiast of rooting smartphones and tinkering around with their operating systems. Contact him at [email protected]