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Steps to Fix Skype Recording Device Problem

Over the past few years, no app has probably been as influential as Skype when it comes to changing the way we communicate online. Skype has been around for over a decade, and has made it possible for everyone to connect to their friends and family with the help of voice and video communication over the internet. While many apps provide that feature now, Skype was the pioneer. However one major problem bothering the users of the program has been that of Skype Recording Device Problem.


The Skype recording device problem has been affecting a number of users lately. This problem is quite a nuisance as the users get an error saying ‘problem on recording device’ every time the users try to make a call. In many cases this also leads to the freezing of the app, and the app shuts down.

While this happens to some users for one or two times, to some users this continues for a rather long time. Let us take a look at the solutions for the Skype recording device problem in detail:

Methods to Fix Skype Recording Device Problem:

Method 1: Using FixIT

One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is via using FixIT.

Step 1: Download the app.

Step 2: Run the app.

Step 3: You will now find a ‘Skype Test Call’ option in your contact list. Make a call to that, and follow the instructions that you get over the call. The app determines the problem, and lets you know the solution over the call. This usually fixes the Skype recording device problem.

Method 2: Using Skype Settings

Sometimes the problem might actually be in the way Skype is configured. Users can easily fix it by going to the tools option in Skype.

Step 1: Go to Tools.

Step 2: Select Options.

Step 3: Over there, go to Audio Settings. There you will see a microphone option. Adjust the levels there, and restart your computer. The Skype recording device problem should be resolved after that.



Article written by Vishal Sancheti

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