LineageOS 15 Brings Android Oreo to the Galaxy S5


The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t getting the Android Oreo update officially. That’s why people are now looking for alternate ways to get the Android Oreo on their Galaxy S5. Since it is an old device, Samsung won’t push an update to it. But, the beauty of the Android OS doesn’t stop the users to use the latest Android version.

Galaxy S5 Lineage OS

As the official OS update won’t be rolling out, people reading this article would have understood that they’ll have to install a custom ROM to experience the latest Android version on their device. A lot of people might be skeptical about installing a custom ROM, but that’s the price you’ll be paying to be able to use the Android Oreo on your device.

LineageOS, previously known as CyanogenMod is one of the most popular Android ROM developer team. They are one among the first ones to always release a custom ROM for a particular device which is bug-free. However, they don’t provide much customisation features which the other ROM developers provide. The process of upgrading to the latest version might be different than the OTA update, This might require you to do the below-mentioned steps.

Talking about the ROM, the ROM isn’t released, it’s still under development. There are chances that some features might not work. But we believe in LineageOS and as per our experience with them, the bugs shouldn’t affect the working of your device. However, for safety reasons, we suggest you avoid this if the Galaxy S5 is your primary device.