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Google To Acquire HTC; Formal Announcement Expected Tomorrow

It is no secret that HTC is a brand in trouble. The company has been going through a tough time and is in a financial slump. For weeks there have been rumors of a Google acquisition and current reports indicate that this announcement might come tomorrow. There have been many signs that have foretold that Google may acquire HTC – let us take a closer look.

Google has been among one of the biggest names when it comes to the world of smartphone technology. The company has a good working relationship with HTC and the two share a past. Google has teamed up with HTC on numerous occasions – multiple times on the Nexus devices, as well as on the Pixel and Pixel XL last year. HTC is also working on the Google Pixel 2 this year. Reportedly, Google’s decision to acquire HTC has been made and will be formally announced tomorrow.

What makes this even more evident is the fact that HTC has announced a halt of share trading today. The company is all set to hold a Town Hall meeting where the announcement will be made that Google is ready to acquire HTC. Eminent tipster Evan Blass also commented on the matter, saying:

Other international news sources such as Commercial Times from China also state that Google is indeed all set to acquire HTC and that the deal is as good as done. Only the formal announcement is pending now, which is expected to be made tomorrow.

Google, all set to acquire HTC, had acquired other brands such as Motorola in the too. Details on what will happen following the move, when Google will acquire HTC have also emerged. Reportedly HTC will continue using their brand name on non-smartphone devices such as Vive. Vive and VR are going to be the focus of the company moving forward. Stay tuned with us for more details on the acquisition.

Article written by Karan Paul

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