Chrome Ad Blocker vs Mozilla Tracking Protection: A Battle For The Higher Moral Ground?

It is hard to believe that Google, a company that makes billions of dollars via advertising would ever think of blocking ads. However, for Google, it has always been a matter of ethics. One of the most ‘beloved’ brands and a company with international goodwill and credibility, Google recently announced that they now intend to block all ads on a website that does not meet certain advertising standards. And yes, this includes their own ads as well!

Chrome Ad Blocker: A Game Changer

Even if one ad on the website is not following the advertising standards, Google will block all ads on the website. How, you ask? Google plans to do this with the Chrome ad blocker. Google Chrome, the most popular web browser when it comes to the global markets is being used as a tool that will force unethical advertisers out of the markets, or to start adapting global advertising standards.

Google has now taken the lead towards bringing in better advertising standards – the company tried throwing a couple of easy ones at the advertisers, but its now time for curve-balls. Google is now forcing unethical advertisers to mend their ways. While some believe they are taking an approach that is too strict by blocking all ads, sometimes this level of control is necessary. With the Chrome ad blocker, Google has taken a stance that places them at a moral high ground compared to competition such as Apple, Mozilla and Microsoft.

While Google has announced this, Google has given advertisers time till early 2018 to fix all these ads that do not match the standards. Starting early 2018, Chrome ad blocker will make its debut which will ensure ‘ethical advertising’, if there is any such thing at all. This is the time the aforementioned competition can make use of to pull the rug from under Google’s feet. However, it would be interesting to see how they respond. For now, all eyes are on Google, and the company has indeed placed itself on a moral high ground.

If Not Google, Who? Mozilla Tracking Protection, Maybe?

Rumors of an ad blocker on Microsoft Edge have been around since 2016 but there has been no movement on this since. Apple, as we know them to be, are pre-occupied with various other major launches in the next few months, and going by Safari’s update history, it is unlikely that we might get to see something major like an ad blocker in the next few months. Mozilla however still has the chance.

The Mozilla Tracking Protection has been around for a long while. A feature that works in the back end since 2015! Firefox, which is updated every month, is likely to rival Google’s Chrome Ad Blocker with their Mozilla Tracking Protection feature. This feature helps the users stay safe on the internet. Firefox browser automatically blocks all ads, analytics trackers and social share buttons that might lead you being tracked by the advertisers.

While this has been a salient feature of the Mozilla Firefox web browser for about two years now, this is the time Firefox needs to take things out in the open, and present the Mozilla Tracking Protection feature as a rival to Chrome ad blocker from Google. The one limitation this has is that it works only on private browsing. Reports have said that Mozilla is working on taking it out of that mode, but there have been obstacles.

Mozilla, you have 6 months to one-up Google and gain the moral high ground. In this age of intense competition, it would give Mozilla a major boost in its credibility if it were to do so! What are your opinions on this? Comment below and let us know your thoughts and opinions on the matter!

Article written by Girish Vidhani

If there is a new movie releasing this week, Girish will watch it. It is as simple as that. He is a big time tech enthusiast, and loves to play around with gadgets. His love for tech toys is visible in his writing. He loves Xiaomi as a brand, and follows them closely. He is also a badminton player !Contact him at