Google Chromecast Ultra Details Announced
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Google Chromecast Ultra Details Announced

Perhaps Google’s most awaited event ever, the 4th of October event turned out to be one of the biggest, most important dates in the history of the company. Google unveiled their gen-next smartphones, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, as well as many other gadgets including the Google Daydream View VR headset. In addition to these devices, the company also released Google Chromecast Ultra, their gen-next Chromecast device.


It had been talked about for quite a while, and was also the subject of a few leaks. However, Google has finally decided to make this device official. The Google Chromecast Ultra is now here. Before the release of this device, Google announced some stats, the most interesting of which was that over 30 Million Chromecasts have been sold so far.

The Google Chromecast Ultra brings forward many changes, while it comes in the same form factor and shape of a hockey puck, the device no longer has the Google Chrome logo on top, but instead has the Google ‘G’ on it. The Google Chromecast Ultra features support for up to 4K resolution, as well as HDR and Dolby Vision. The device is priced in at $69, which is twice the price of the previous Chromecast variant. The Chromecast Ultra will go on sale in November but the pre-orders have already begun.

Google claims that the Google Chromecast Ultra is up to 1.8 times faster than the previous variants of the Chromecast. Google also points out that this new and improved device comes with a number of Wi-Fi improvements. In order to give the users content that goes along with it, Google will soon be releasing a number of movies in the 4K resolution with the Google Play Movies app. Interestingly, the Mi Box too, released at the same time, and is priced in at exactly $69, in order to combat with the Google Chromecast Ultra.


Article written by Kishan Jobanputra

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