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Google Glass Gets First Firmware Update Since 2014

When Google Glass was originally launched, it looked like a path-breaking product which would change the future of technology as we know it to be. The nerdy looking device looked like it came straight out of a science fiction movie. While it was very cool when it came out, the bubble soon burst when it was realized that there’s no actual use case for it. In a strange turn of events, the Google Glass has been getting its first update since October 2014 today.

This update that has been coming out for the users of the Glass brings in support for Bluetooth devices. If you still happen to be using a Google Glass in 2017, you can now update its firmware which will allow you to pair it with various Bluetooth devices. Reports claim that users have been trying out keyboards and they are indeed working well. In addition to bringing support for Bluetooth devices, this update also comes out with unnamed bug fixes and improvements.

This is a really strange turn of events as we considered that the Google Glass is shelved, and for all practical purposes, there will be no more updates coming to it. Could it be possible that Google is testing a new generation of Glasses? Could Google possibly be willing to take this risk again? There was a lot of momentum before the launch of the Google Glass but it all crashed headfirst after the lack of a proper use case. At one point of time ‘tech pundits’ expected the Glass to replace the smartphone! Ha!

In the past we have seen various patent applications from Google about redesigning the Glass. However, patents are not always meant to come out as a reality. They are simply a measure to ensure that the intellectual rights to the idea are theirs. As of now it looks like there will not be a new Google Glass coming out, and it is really cool of Google to release this update for the existing users. If you happen to own one, do check this out.

Article written by Ishita Kothari

Gadget Girl Ishita has been using Android smartphones ever since they launched in India! She is a prolific writer, and is a big-time geek! She loves writing poetry, while she also writes code, as she holds a degree in technology. Contact her at [email protected]