Google introduces Security Key to provide even more secured access to its users

Google is a tech giant, and it is known to launch many apps every now and then. Google has been the mastermind behind some of the amazing apps like Gmail, google maps and others which have revolutionized mankind’s technology used on a large scale.

The online platform now is the storehouse for some of the most important data of the world. This gives, even more, reasons in order to provide the users a safe and secured online storage of data. The online platform has been a haven for the hackers who use the online data and make money out of it. The flaws and imperfections in the storage of data will result in the military information leakage and economic breakdown of a country.

The Google in order to protect the data of the users uses two-factor authentication processes for one to access their accounts. The two-factor authentication provides much more security than the one factor authentication as the one factor authentication will help one to just access their accounts by the username and passwords whereas the two-factor authentication will require one to access their accounts by adding one more feature to their access to the SMS, fingerprint, voice recognition, pattern recognition, etc.

There are cases that were reported of the details and information of a journalist that was hacked when he used the two-factor authentication to access to his system. This led to the google to provide more secure access to the politicians, journalists and the others who wanted to make sure that their highly confidential data is safe.

In order to facilitate this, Google announced the security key that makes the access more secure when compared to the two-factor authentication. The security key feature will require the user to type in the password along with the security key. This new feature will prevent the third-party apps from accessing the drive and the Gmail.

Once one starts using this feature, he/she can only make use to Chrome to sign into Gmail and other Google related apps. This particular feature cannot be supported for the apple store or any other apple related apps whereas when the Gmail or Google related apps can avail this feature on an iOS platform. The fraudulent account access can be prevented as in case one loses the password and the security key, it will take days together for the problem to get restored.