Google Pixel Exclusive Feature Google Support Services Now on Play Store
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Google Pixel Exclusive Feature Google Support Services Now on Play Store

The Google Pixel smartphones are the apex Android devices in the markets. They reflect everything that the modern-day Android smartphone must represent, and they are the shining examples of everything that is right with the Android technology. The smartphones are Google’s attempt at creating an iPhone, and the company has managed to do it well enough. The devices come with many unique, exclusive features, which will not be on any other devices foreseeably till the next Pixel smartphones release. The Google Support Services are one such feature.


The Google Support Services allow the users to take remote assistance from Google. The company does realize the fact that not every user is similar in his or her approach, and not everyone is equally tech savvy. The company has hence introduced the Google Support Services, which allow the users to directly ask from assistance from Google’s support agents.

The Google Support Services are now on the Google Play Store, which means that Google can now directly update it without having to send out a system update for the same. It has made the task of updating it much easier.

While the Google Support Services are a feature exclusive to the Google Pixel smartphones, some Nexus users, who were testing the Android 7.1 Developers Preview were able to make use of the services for a while. Upon noticing this, Google shut it down. The ‘exclusiveness’ factor is what makes the Google Pixel smartphones cool. All the non-Pixel users would see a link to Google Online help upon opening support now.

The Google Play Store now houses the Google Support Services. The update is being rolled out rather slowly, and is yet to reach various parts of the world. The update is soon likely to reach various nations as the Google Pixel releases there. Here’s the Google Play Store link to these support services.

Article written by Ishita Kothari

Gadget Girl Ishita has been using Android smartphones ever since they launched in India! She is a prolific writer, and is a big-time geek! She loves writing poetry, while she also writes code, as she holds a degree in technology. Contact her at [email protected]