Google Pixel SIM Tray Comes with an Easter Egg
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Google Pixel SIM Tray Comes with an Easter Egg

Google is among the biggest names when it comes to the world of technology. The company has been around for over the past 18 years and has innovated a number of market elements. While Google started off as a search engine, the company has since diversified into a number of offerings, ranging from software to hardware. For Google, the hardware push is quit recent. The company is bringing forward a large number of innovations to the table, and the Pixel phones are one of these innovations. The Google Pixel smartphones also mark the end of domination of the Nexus smartphones as the best Android devices.


Google has now brought forward a major change in the markets, and has introduced the Pixel phones with some critical new features and updates. One of the biggest changes that has come forward in the Pixel devices is that of the flavor of exclusivity. For a while, these smartphones will be the only devices that run the Google Assistant, as well as feature exclusive features like fingerprint-swipe for notifications, night light and much more.

The Google Pixel smartphones, however have one major drawback. They support only a single SIM card. Unlike most smartphones that support dual SIM cards, the device is slightly disappointing for those who require multiple SIM cards. However, the Google Pixel SIM Tray comes with an Easter egg in it! For those of you who own a Google Pixel smartphone, we request you to take out your SIM tray and check it out right now!

Google has been heavily emphasizing the fact that the Google Pixel devices are ‘made by Google’. To take their dominance one step further, Google has included their address in the SIM tray of the phone! This is perhaps Google’s response to Apple’s ‘made by Apple in California’ message. However, this has indeed been quite exciting as an Easter Egg from Google!

Article written by Sheetal Sancheti

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