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Google’s ‘Zero-Touch Enrollment’ Helps Standardize Corporate Android Devices

Corporate houses and business firms often give smartphones to employees. These phones are provided so that all the users in the organization are using a standardized device and all communication can happen smoothly. However sometimes tweaking each phone for a corporate use is a pain in the neck for the IT team. This is now going to get much quicker with Google’s Zero-Touch Enrollment.

Google introduced the Zero-Touch Enrollment service today where companies can tell Google their requirements and the devices will come with the pre-set configurations.

Basically, this means that the devices are good to go the moment they are unboxed. This service from Google is only available for the users of the Google Pixel smartphones for now. However, Google is collaborating with a number of other smartphone makers for the same.

Zero-Touch Enrollment ensures that the phones follow all corporate policies as instructed by the firm and the IT team as well as the end-users will have to waste no time setting things up. Zero-Touch Enrollment is available only for select carrier partners. So far Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, BT, Deutsche Telekom, Softbank, and Telstra have agreed to this.

For corporates looking forward to make use of Zero-Touch Enrollments – all they need to do is to make use of Enterprise Mobility Management providers such as VMware AirWatch, BlackBerry, MobileIron, IBM, Gsuite, among others and set out a list of requirements.

The company further commented on Zero Touch Enrollment, saying:

Zero-touch enrollment removes the need for users to configure their devices manually and ensures that devices always have corporate policies in place. Support is also much easier, with no extra steps for end-users; they just sign in and get access to their work apps and data.

This is indeed a good move from Google and will help relieve some burden off from the IT administrators as well as users who would otherwise have to spend quiet some time setting up these corporate Android devices.

Article written by Vishal Sancheti

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