Government of India States Google Maps is ‘Unapproved’ and ‘Non-Authenticated’
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Government of India States Google Maps is ‘Unapproved’ and ‘Non-Authenticated’

Google Maps has been around for quite a while now, and is easily the most popular name when it comes to the world of online maps. While most people all over the world prefer using this app over any other app, the Government of India does not agree with the popular opinion. The Survey of India, India’s apex mapping and survey organization has now stated Google Maps to be “not authenticated” and “unapproved” by the government.

The Surveyor General of India, Swarna Subba Rao commented on Google Maps today while speaking at an event in New Delhi, where he said that Google Maps is used by low-end applications with a confined accuracy, while the Survey of India maps are used for high-engineering applications. “If you talk about the authentication, the Google Maps is not authenticated. It hasn’t been produced by the government, so they aren’t authenticated.”

These comments from the Surveyor General came at the event marking 250 years of the Survey of India. The Survey of India has seen many impressive names preside over the body, including the likes of Sir George Everest, the man after whom the tallest mountain peak of the world was named! Subba Rao further commented, “If you are using Google Maps to reach a restaurant or park, even if you reach 50 meters close to that place, you are happy. But when we have to put a new railway line or a make canals, that is where our topographic maps come in, when you require very accurate, engineering quality data.”

Additionally, an officer from the organization later commented to the press talking about how the Government of India does not have control over Google Maps or Google Earth. However, he expressed concern over this and stated that there does need to be some amount of control. The Survey of India has now been working towards making their maps accessible for free to the people.

Article written by Kishan Jobanputra

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