Here are The Key Points of Cryptics’ Minimum Viable Product
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Here are The Key Points of Cryptics’ Minimum Viable Product

Cryptics announced its launch of the minimum viable product (MVP) that has become available since Monday. The company is engaged in creating a platform for Artificial Intelligence-related digital currency exchange rate forecasting. This is a further testimony of how the cryptocurrency market is moving forward despite skepticisms expressed by some analysts or experts from the financial services industry. The latest attempt will undoubtedly offer a significant tool for investors to take a call either in favor or against in investing in particular digital currency.

Based On Market Data

Cryptics would perform the role of an aggregator based on blockchain technology for rates of virtual currency exchange that are fed from real-time market data. The neutral networks powered module would enable AI to offer predictions. According to the founders of the project, the complete system would not have any role in human involvement. Therefore, it is fully an independent, as well as, autonomous solution for the cryptocurrency service, which would be the first of its kind. This will undoubtedly be a big boon to the virtual currency market to offer direction.

That is primarily because the MVP’s main feature would be offering forecasts on a daily and hourly basis. This will be done through automatic trading algorithms, which would be available later. Until then, users would be provided with an option to experiment the functionality of the platform with its QRP token. Incidentally, the company intends to sell the token in the upcoming event in the current month, according to

Building Predictions

Cryptics co-founder, Oleg Tereschenko, commented, “Our advanced technologies allow aggregating information from various sources and building predictions on their basis. These information sources are an invaluable insight into future rates for traders and are unique on the crypto market. Our platform will allow crypto traders to trade with profit based on real-time data and future insight, and that will make it a highly demanded product.” This suggested that the latest technology could be used as technical tools that are used in the other securities market like shares.

The company indicated that its previous type of MVP could also be accessed at its project’s portal. Cryptics disclosed that users could find an estimated chart explaining exchange ratios apart from an overall evaluation of the accuracy of the prediction in respect of every currency pair. One thing is clear from the development, i.e., more and more people are focusing on this emerging sector bracing the negativisms spread by pessimists.

Test the Platform

The launch of the MVP could foreshadow the proposed token sale of Cryptics. However, the company has made it clear that its primary objective of the launch is to test the platform extensively. This included catching of any possible bugs. Therefore, the co-founders of the platform sought the feedback of the user’s experience through the Telegram channel. Alternatively, users could email them.

Aside from these, Cryptics have also unveiled a program of referral. The purpose is to spread the word across different communities. The company hopes that it would finally lead to the creation of big users’ community.

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