Hey Siri: List of Commands for Siri for iPhone and MacBooks
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Hey Siri: List of Commands for Siri for iPhone and MacBooks

In the past, if you were to talk to your phone, people would call you crazy. However, that is now considered quite a cool thing to do! A large number of users have been talking to their phones, and Apple was the innovator when it comes to this – with the arrival of Siri! Hey Siri has now become a magical phrase which converts your iPhone into your personal assistant.


However, many a times, when you look at your phone, do you wonder that is what your are talking to your Siri enough, or is there more to it than what meets the eye. Yes, there’s much more that Siri can do, but most of us do not know the true power of Siri. Here’s a list of commands Siri follows after you say the magic words: Hey Siri.

List of Hey Siri Commands for Siri

  1. Commands Relating to Conversions with Siri

Siri can easily convert various units into other similar units – for example users can simply say, Hey Siri, Convert 4 Dollars to Pounds, and it will immediately show the output. Similar to that, users can ask Siri to convert other measurements or values from one to the other, like hours to days and liters to ounces.

2. Control Apps or Use the App Store with Hey Siri Commands

Siri is one of the smartest AI assistants out there. It knows when you want to use a particular app, or download a particular app from the App Store. Try saying commands such as, Hey Siri, download Twitter, or “Take a picture”, “Open Spotify”, etc. Users can also make use of Siri for search.

3. Reminders and Alarms via Hey Siri Commands

In addition to converting units into other units, and making use of the assistant to download apps and games, users can also use it to improve productivity. This is one of the most popularly used features of Siri – users make use of the service to set quick reminders and alarms without having to tap through various menus and typing out stuff. This helps increase productivity.


4. Siri for E-Mails

Business users tend to also use Siri for E-mails too. What makes Siri special is that it reduces the effor that a user has to put through to access information. With minimal taps and swipes, users could just make use of voice to fetch all relevant mail data like “Hey Siri, read out my last mail”, or “Show me mails from Adam from Yesterday”, etc.

5. Various Other Miscelleneous Uses

A large number of trivial features too, are a part of this app. Users can ask Siri to do numerous other tasks. These tasks include the ability to text your friends various messages, or know the score of ongoing matches: Simply say ‘what is the score of the Chelsea game’ and Siri will pull out the live scorecard of the match Chlesea is playing. Users can access a variety of files that they worked upon. It allows them to search on the internet, as well as within their systems too.

Article written by Ishita Kothari

Gadget Girl Ishita has been using Android smartphones ever since they launched in India! She is a prolific writer, and is a big-time geek! She loves writing poetry, while she also writes code, as she holds a degree in technology. Contact her at [email protected]