How to Delete a YouTube Video

YouTube, is a popular video watching and uploading site. A lot of publishers on YouTube upload huge amount of content on daily basis. Deleting a video on YouTube isn’t a tough job to do. However, a lot of people get stuck while following the steps. So we’ve made this article to help people to delete a YouTube video.

To remind you, YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms with both audio, video connectivity. The video content on the YouTube uploaded may not be the final draft and you need to delete the YouTube video. This is simple and possible to delete for any reason. Most of the cases YouTube videos are deleted because of the copyright issues.

As YouTube provides 3 warnings before banning a YouTube channel. Many YouTube videos are deleted in prior when there are chances of copyright violations. Since YouTube has a lot of options it allows you to delete the video, delete the playlist and the channel too.

Steps to Delete a YouTube Video

You can delete a YouTube video from a computer as well as mobile phone. Since all the functionalities are provided on a smartphone you can administer your channel from anywhere across.

Delete a YouTube Video from Mobile Phone

  1. Open the YouTube app from the app drawer located in the bottom of the list if arranged in alphabetical order.
  2. Sign in into your channel with the email id and password where you need to delete the video. If already signed in continue to navigate to the next step.
  3. Select the Library option present on the bottom right corner and open the My Videos. Now you can see the list of videos you have uploaded to the YouTube. The videos on the YouTube are arranged in the chronological order, so look for the video you need to delete from the list.
  4. Tap on the three dots for more options related to the particular video which you need to delete.
  5. You may find an option stating Delete. This would delete the video from the YouTube permanently. Select OK if wish to remove the video. Once you confirm here the video would be removed from the YouTube’s server once for all.

Delete YouTube Video from a Computer/Laptop

  • Open a browser and enter the URL of YouTube in the URL bar. This would take you to the YouTube’s home page/ channel if already kept signed in. Else you need to Sign in into your account with the email id and password.
  • You can sign in by clicking on the Sign In option on the top right corner of the YouTube’s homepage.
  • Once you sign in you need to select the same profile option on the top right corner to get a drop down menu. You need to select the Creator Studio which would navigate you to the dashboard of your channel.
  • Select the Video Manager option on the left-hand panel. This would take you to the page where all your YouTube videos are uploaded.
  • Choose the video which you need to delete from the YouTube permanently. If you have more video uploaded the scroll down to find the video which you need to delete.
  • Select the down arrow symbol option in the video next to the edit option. You would get a drop down menu.
  • Opt the Delete option present in the bottom of the drop down list. You need to reconfirm by selecting the Delete option in order to remove the video permanently from YouTube.

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