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How to Enable Notification LED Light in Google Pixel?

The Google Pixel smartphone is among the biggest names in the modern day markets of smartphone technology. The phone comes directly from Google, and is the perfect picture of what the ultimate android device should be like. It features various features which are exclusive to the Pixel line of devices. It will be the first major flagship device to release with the Snapdragon 821 processor, as well as the first device to feature the Google Assistant as well as the Google Support Services. It has now come to light that it is easy to manage the notification lights of the Google Pixel smartphone.


In the past, there have been various ways in which the smartphone alerts the users of incoming notifications. Over the years it has been noticed that the process has become tougher. However, with the Google Pixel, it is quite easy to enable this feature. In fact, it is so easy that it is right in the settings!

Users who wish to enable the pulse notification light simply need to head to settings, where they need to open the section called ‘notifications’, which is between display and sound. Upon opening the notifications pane, the users need to click on the gear shaped icon which is on the top right side of the screen. Over there, the users can toggle the switch which says ‘pulse notification light’.

Enabling this feature would flash a multi-colored LED light every 10 seconds after a notification is received. This is a feature which sometimes takes a long while to activate, and the users need to go in the depths of the boot menu. However, the Google Pixel brings a simple solution for the needs of the users. They are indeed the finest Android smartphones ever created, and give Apple’s iPhone devices a run for their money.

Article written by Karan Paul

Fond of football, and particularly of Manchester United, Karan is a law student from Rajkot. However, he has been writing technology for the past 2 years. He covers day to day news stories for Newsient, and loves to play around with the newest of gadgets! Contact him at