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HTC Ocean Smartphones Leaked in Renders

When the markets of Android technology were at a nascent stage, HTC was among the first few names to actually show trust on them, and start off with the Android smartphones. The company has since been among some of the biggest names in the Android smartphone markets, and has been particularly known for their design innovations from time to time. HTC is now working forward on their latest series of smartphones – the HTC Ocean devices. These smartphones are expected to be a high-end, unique offering from HTC, and the images of these devices have now leaked in renders.

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The smartphone was seen a few days ago as well. However the image that then leaked out was a low-res render. The latest images are a high-res recreation of the same image, giving us a much better insight into how these gen-next HTC Ocean smartphones would actually look like. These HTC smartphones bring forward a major innovation in design. Let us explain to you, how:

The HTC Ocean smartphones, when they were first imagined, were seen as ‘a smartphone without buttons’. And that the device actually is! The HTC Ocean smartphone renders too, showcase no buttons, not even the power button and the volume rockers. The On-Screen buttons too, are not visible in this new smartphone from HTC.

Moreover, it is also being expected that the fingerprint scanner too, would be beneath the glass. This is a technology Qualcomm had showed off at last years’ Mobile World Congress event but has seldom been used till now. HTC is all set to take the markets to the next level with their upcoming HTC Ocean smartphones. However, one must keep in mind that at the moment these are just renders, and HTC might still be months away from coming out with the actual smartphone.  The renders are based  on online speculations, and one must take them with a pinch of salt.

Article written by Karan Paul

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