IIT Madras with the largest combustion research center

Now Chennai has the world’s largest combustion research center which is made to impart a boost to the Indian scientific community. The research center was inaugurated in the Indian Institute of Technology, on the October 13. NITI Aayog member, V K Saraswat, in the presence of the Secretary Department of Science Prof Ashutosh Sharma. This research center is one of the largest centers in the world.

The NCCRD research covers the interest in thermal power, automotive, aerospace propulsion, and microgravity combustion to a minor extent. The total cost of the NCCRD has come up to about Rs 90 crores. The research center has state of the art facilities involving combustion research. This establishment will help the Indian researchers to research in Alternative Energy and Environmental Protection and will be able to focus on effective utilization of combustion as a thermochemical energy conversion.

NCCRD will be supported by the Science and Engineering Research Board of Department of Science and Technology which is run by the state itself. NCCRD has been successful in setting up a nodal center in the region so that any industry or institute can work with it as it is enabled by IT and has a strong simulation facility.

The director of Indian Institute of Technology Madras Bhaskar Ramamurthi have always described energy, and all the emission of carbon dioxide and pollutant gases are very much dependent on the weather change and the global warming. The center will play a very important role in research. The center will help a lot of industries to do their research. All kinds of industries and Research and Development industries are working closely with the NCCRD. The companies that are working with NCCRD are TVs, Mahindra, GE, GAIL, BHEL, Shell, NAL, DRDO (GTRE, DRDL, CFEES), ISRO, Siemens, Forbes- Marshall, FM Global, Cummins, Valmet, VTT.

The opening of the largest research center for combustion center in India shows that how much India is spending money on research and development. India being a developing nation is spending money on research for the innovation and growth of science in the country. Now this research center will be used to make research on combustion, and there will be a lot of work on the Alternate source of energy which according to experts will be the next big thing. The makers of the combustion research center have made it very specific that most of the concentration will be on Environmental Protection with Alternate Energy.