An Introduction to Black Desert Online: Know About the Game

Black Desert Online is a sandbox-oriented Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) role-playing game. This was developed by Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss. If you are a gamer then you would surely know regarding the Korean production and gaming experience. This game is based on the conflict between two rival nations, the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. This is an action based game with combat techniques where you need to aim manually, which is similar to third-person shooting game.

MMO’s are one of the most popular games especially when it comes to combat and warfare. The internet has helped people connect even if located in a different part of the world. Black Desert Online gives you a completely new experience with a third world environment and combat which is not similar to the rest of the popular online games.

Black Desert Online: How to Play, Your Character and Pros and Cons.

This game is not just about combat and warfare, it consists of lot more. It also includes other tasks such as housing, farming, castle battling, trading, taming, crafting etc. The Black Desert Online includes weather and atmosphere across the world with various effects such as fog, rain, snow etc The game also has guerrilla warfare and stealth kills which is easy depending on the location and weather. The game renders around day/night with lighting effect which also includes Non-Player Character (NPC) giving a realistic effect. Some of the NPC’s are available only during the night while there is a different set of them during the daytime.

Since the game is based on active combat technique you need to have precise aiming, dodging and combo manually. When it comes to the mounted combat, players are supposed to look out for creatures from the wild to tame, and also breed special mounts by mating between each other. The game is realistic from all the ends where the mounts must be feed from time to time, protected and taken care else they may die.

How to Play Black Desert Online

Games like Black Desert Online are huge and cannot be explored on your own. Hence there is a Black Spirit which would be guiding you regarding how to play the games and how to make a strategy. You need to search for answers which depend on how quickly you reach your destination.

The plot of the game goes through the war between rivals while you also would be uncovering the secrets of the ancient civilization through the history of Calpheon and Valencia. You would come across Black Stones which is a source of power and said to have corrupted minds of ancients. You can find these Black Stones through your way while discovering various civilization. This can help you reach your next destination and complete tasks.

Calpheonians, residents of the Republic of Calpheon call the desert in this region as the Black Desert and have declared a war to claim the resources. On the other hand Valencians, from the Valencia Kingdom call the desert region as Red Desert due to the blood spills. As the game proceeds, you also would unveil the secrets of the Black Spirit.

What will be my Character in the game?

This game does not consist of just one role-play. It has various warriors and character which are termed as Classes. You would be going through these classes as you proceed with the game. There are 13 classes with various power, ability, and style of combat. You can follow our latest Black Desert Online Classes guide to know more about the classes present in the Black Desert game.

There is a warfare mode on the Black Desert Online where up to 10 people can join online and play the game together. There is various Player vs Player content on Black desert among which there are 2 events which happen. Under this PvP content, all the players and guilds can participate. Node War and Siege War are the two most popular events which happen in a warfare.

Pros of Black Desert Online

  • You get an experience to play much more than a regular combat game. This game also includes secondary activities such as strategy, warfare, multitasking and much more.
  • The game is realistic and consists of detailing up to a minor extent and the vast content of the game would keep you excited and boost your anxiety level throughout.

Drawbacks of Black Desert Online: Not Drawbacks actually!

  • The game has been created with a lot of efforts and surely one of the best MMO games. While this sandbox game lacks to explain each and every thinks within the game. Most of the players refer to various forums and blogs to get details about it.
  • Since the game is made in a realistic manner there is no fast travel. You would be on a horseback or walk to your destination. This game is not like the other traditional games where you complete all the task within hours to finish it. You need to play the game at your own pace.
  • With such huge detailing and accuracy, the game demands a better graphics input. There are instances where slight glitches have been seen with 980 cards too. Apart from this the game slightly lacks on the character customization, while even with the customization the character looks like with the rest distantly.
  • Even though the game has a lot of tasks and events there is no real end of the game. With the online interface, the game can be played forever.

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