LG G6 To Launch at MWC 2017: Everything We Know So Far
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LG G6 To Launch at MWC 2017: Everything We Know So Far

LG is among the biggest, most popular names in the world of technology. Known for their work in the world of televisions, refrigerators and other household electronics, LG is also known for their smartphones. The South Korean tech giant has brought forward numerous changes in the way things work in the smartphone markets. Over the years, the LG G series of smartphones have been their flagship series, and the LG G6 will continue this trend in 2017.


The LG G6 is one of the most anticipated smartphones to release in the first half of the year. Along with the gen-next HTC phone, and the Samsung Galaxy S8, the G6 is indeed one of the biggest players in the smartphone markets. The LG G6 is all set to release at the Mobile World Congress 2017 – the biggest smartphone event of the year.

Based on early information, the phone is nearly confirmed to launch at the MWC event this year. It is expected to release in North America, Europe and the home country of South Korea first, and eventually in the other markets too. The phone will be available in China too, but only via the online medium, and not via retail stores.

As far as pricing of the LG G6 is concerned, it is bound to vary from location to location, but on an average it is expected to be around $500 to $600. This is the average flagship price of most smartphones so that is no shock.

The LG G6 is also expected to releases without the modular body which was the main aspect of the LG G5 that released last year. LG is all set to ensure that their users get the best of modern day technology. However, removing the modular design might mean the G6 will feature a non-removable battery. Their removable battery was quite appreciated last year.


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