The Origin of Lineage OS: A Look Back


Over the past few weeks you might have heard a lot about Lineage OS. Let us now take a look at the origin of the OS. The Christmas week is usually a happy time of the year. Nobody expects dull news at this time, and it is just a cheerful season. However, this was not the case for Cyanogen inc. Up until then, they had been the leading names when it came to the world of custom ROMs. They were not only the industry leaders, but were also a standard authority which ensured the users got the best of what they wanted.


However on the 23rd ofDecember, all hell broke loose. Cyanogen Inc. officially announced that they are shutting down on the 31st. For the next few hours there was a lot of confusion in the community of modders and custom ROM lovers. However, things started to cool down a few hours later as it was then announced that Lineage OS is now arriving.

Lineage OS, many confuse it to be a re-branded Cyanogen, or a takeover, or an acquisition, or something fancy of that sort. However, it is a ‘fork’, technically speaking. While Cyanogen inc ceased to exist, some members of the group started off with Lineage OS, that continues the work the original company had done in the past.

Lineage OS, in the one month since it came into existence, has had various updates and upgrades to its name. The official Gerrit went live early in 2017, followed by a number of unofficial ROMs coming out. Last week, official LineageOS ROMs too, started to release. Over 80 ROMs have been promised and many are out live.

The phones that run on custom ROMs allow the users to maximize the potential of their devices. This trend will not only live, but thrive with the arrival of the Lineage OS! Stay tuned with us for all the updates on this custom OS.