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Meet Volterman: A Smart Wallet That Can Charge Your Phone, Click Pictures of Those Who Steal It

Losing your wallet is one of the worst feelings! That moment when your stomach lurches and your heart skips a beat when you check your pocket and you can’t seem to find that familiar bump of your wallet there! Don’t you just wish you were able to track your wallets the way you can track your smartphones? With Volterman smart wallets, your wish just got true.

The Volterman smart wallet has been designed keeping in mind the fact that wallets tend to get lost or stolen frequently. There are very few security measures in place for a lost wallet. Moreover, the wallet offers you more than just security – it’s a feature rich device. Let us take a deeper look at all the features and functionalities of this Volterman smart wallet.

Know The Volterman Smart Wallet

The Volterman Smart Wallet is truly a ‘smart’ wallet. The wallet comes with GPS enabled tracking technology which will ensure that you can track the wallet in case it gets lost. Moreover, sometimes you forget your wallet at a place and then walk away. The Volterman Smart Wallet would ring an alarm on your phone with the help of Bluetooth which will notify you that you have moved away without taking your wallet.

Interestingly, the Volterman smart wallet also contains a small camera which can click pictures of anyone who tries to open your wallet after it is reported stolen. The camera is built into the wallet and is not noticeable easily. The camera can click pictures of the person who tries to open your wallet and can mail you their pictures. This makes it easy to identify who stole/found your wallet.

In addition to that, the wallet can also act as a power bank offering a charge enough to charge an average smartphone completely. a cable can be attached to charge the wallet, as well as to charge the device. What makes this even more interesting is that the wallet also supports wireless charging. Basically you can keep your phone (which supports wireless charging) on top of the Volterman wallet and it will begin charging!

The wallet was first thought of when the creator’s daughter hid his wallet behind the stove. The innocent three year old’s actions led to the evolution of a regular wallet into a smart wallet! This is a crowd-funded project which has raised over $1.1 Million on indiegogo.

Finally, the wallet also functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot. This ensures you are always connected, even when you are not in a typical Wi-Fi connectivity. The Volterman smart wallet offers peace of mind to the users – you now know that the risk of your wallet being stolen is considerably lesser as it can easily be tracked and can click pictures of those who steal it.

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Article written by Girish Vidhani

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