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Microsoft Visual Studio is Coming to the Mac

Microsoft has just made a major announcement. The Microsoft Visual Studio, which has been the coding hub for the brand since a long time to arrive in the Mac! This is a big news for the coding and developer community, as Microsoft has typically kept all their coding tools limited to their own platform and for the Windows users only. However, they are now opening the doors, and are soon about to launch them for the Apple users too.


The plan behind this change is perhaps to keep the coders who have changed their platform from Windows to MacOS hooked on to the app. Microsoft has been increasing their focus towards their cloud operations now, and the introduction of Microsoft Visual Studio on Mac comes as a big step forward towards that.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Microsoft has gone beyond their usual ways, and has opened doors for a better cross-platform support. Earlier in this year, Microsoft had announced the arrival of native support for Linux command line Bash to Windows. That was a major move forward towards accommodating users of various styles under their platform. With the Microsoft Visual Studio now reaching broader audiences, the compan is taking things to another level.

The first look at Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac would be visible later this week when the company holds the Microsoft Connect – a developer event. Microsoft originally made the announcement regarding this in a blog post, but for some reason they pulled it down later.

This move is likely to have a major impact in the long run, as a number of developers who make apps for the Mac and iOS devices would now be able to code for Microsoft without having to buy a Windows PC. It also retains the interest of Windows coders who might have moved to the Mac platform.

Article written by Vishal Sancheti

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