Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event To Showcase New Surface Devices, Windows 10 Updates
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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event To Showcase New Surface Devices, Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft is among the biggest names in the software markets. The company began a major hardware push last year, but that seems to have calmed down over the past few months. However, Microsoft is now gearing up to take things to a whole new level with today’s event. The Windows 10 Event that the company plans to hold later today is all set to showcase the advancements made by Microsoft in the software as well as the hardware division.


Microsoft, at the Windows 10 event later today, is expected to roll out new updates to the Windows 10 OS. The company is also expected to talk about their next big update that follows the Windows 10 Anniversary update of this year. On the software front, the new MS Paint app is also expected to be unveiled at tonight’s event. Talking about the hardware, Microsoft is likely to show off their gen-next Surface series of devices.

Over the months there has been a heavy speculation that Microsoft is working on a ‘Surface Phone’ too. However, at this point of time it has become so chaotic and so confusing that one just can’t be sure of what their next move might be. The company has sent out invites for this Windows 10 Event which read ‘Imagine What You’ll Do’.

The upcoming surface device, an AIO PC is being developed under the codename ‘Cardinal’. Microsoft is expected to release it in three sizes – 21 inches, 24 inches and 27 inches. At least one of the three are expected to be showcased at the event. A new Surface Laptop too might be on the cards. In addition to all these devices, Microsoft is also likely to show off the Microsoft Hololens, which is expected to be the next big thing in the world of AR and VR when it comes out.

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