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Minecraft Pocket Edition To No Longer Get Updates for Windows Phone

Over the past few years, Windows Phone devices have been going through a major downfall in the markets. The Windows 10 Mobile OS seemed promising but it came at a time when the Windows Phone market share was 1 to 2%. Today it has come to light that Minecraft Pocket Edition too, will no longer be getting an updates for Windows Phone devices.


Users have been moving away from Windows Phones, and the app-makers too, have distanced themselves. What was an ambitious effort from Microsoft to take on the Android OS has now resulted in a tragic, slow-death. With Microsoft’s own apps no longer releasing for Windows Phones and going straight to the Android and iOS devices, the latest Microsoft-owned name to turn its face from Windows Phones has been that of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Microsoft had acquired Minecraft in 2014. Since then, many updates did release for the Windows Phone users. However, nothing can save a ship sinking as rapidly as the Windows Phone devices. Minecraft Pocket Edition no longer releasing updates for the devices is  yet another nail in the coffin for this project which has been near-abandoned.

The only ray of hope that Microsoft has here is that of ARM Windows 10 Mobile devices. This could help them try and attempt getting back into the smartphone markets. While these reports are unconfirmed as of now, it is likely that Minecraft Pocket Edition will soon end support for Windows Phone devices.

The rumors of the Surface Phone too, appear every now and then, and then tend to disappear as randomly as they arrive. The latest batch of rumors indicate that the Surface Phone is likely to be a foldable smartphone, as per some patents. Regardless of the updates stopping for Windows Phone devices, the iOS and Android editions of the game are not likely to be affected by it.


Article written by Jay Poojara

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