There Are More Netflix Subscriptions Than Cable Subscriptions in the US

Streaming content has been among the fastest growing circles in the digital world. Video as well as audio streaming websites have been doing really well over the past few years, and Netflix has been leading the pack. It was officially announced today that the number of Netflix Subscriptions in the US has officially crossed the number of cable subscriptions. This day will forever be remembered as a landmark day where streaming officially took over.

Netflix has been really popular with the users, thanks to its massive library, as well as a large collection of original content. The kind of content that Netflix has been producing makes it a must-have subscription. Netflix subscriptions today stand at a massive 50.85 Million users in the US, while there are 48.61 Million cable viewers in the US.

Why Are Netflix Subscriptions So Popular?

To begin with, Netflix users do not necessarily need a TV to watch content. They can view their favorite movies and TV shows on their mobile, tablets or laptops, as well as on television sets. Another major aspect that favors Netflix is the fact that Netflix subscriptions cost as less as $8 while cable connections go up to as much as $100 when you include rent and taxes.

Cable offers hundreds of channels with a vast programming going on throughout the day, there’s a possibility that most of what’s on cable TV is also on Netflix. It also gives you convenience of watching it at your time, as well as the fun of binge-watching. In addition to the cable programming and movies, Netflix’s productions such as Daredevil, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and many other shows are another attractive reason.

What is quite interesting in this data is, that it is not the number of cable connections which are declining by a large volume, but the number of Netflix subscriptions are rising. Since 2012, while there has been a fall of about 4 Million cable connections, the Netflix subscriptions have risen by almost 30 Million!

Article written by Kishan Jobanputra

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