Periscope Super Hearts Introduced As An In-App Purchase

Periscope Super Hearts Introduced As An In-App Purchase

One of the hottest trends of social media these days has been that of live video streaming. Live video streaming gives a lot of power to the users to broadcast their point of view. Facebook Live, Periscope by Twitter, as well as Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr have all jumped on to it and are doing pretty well. Twitter has been innovating their platform and the latest update empowers the viewers too, giving them the ability to stand out and be noticed with the help of Super Hearts.

Periscope has had hearts for a long while. Hearts on the live feed indicate that you are watching the video and that you are loving it. It is an encouragement to the person broadcasting the video. However, Super Hearts are even more special. These new hearts have been announced as ‘larger, animated, and more fun to give’. And oh, also, paid.

While they provide the broadcaster with more motivation, there’s also a leaderboard which shows who has given away the most super hearts on Periscope. In order to purchase these larger hearts, you would first require periscope coins. Periscope coins can be purchased in the price range of $0.99 for 1,050 to $99.99 for 132,650.

There are three types of super hearts introduced by Periscope. The basic glittery hearts, the hearts with your face on them, and larger, golden super hearts. The price for the three of them respectively is 33 coins, 66 coins and 111 coins. Super Hearts will be shown on the streamer’s profile and they can be tracked. For some reason they appear as stars.

Interestingly, Streamers invited to the new Super Broadcaster program can exchange the stars for cash. Twitter is indeed trying to bring in more and more features into the mix, and this is a cool way to maximize monetization on Periscope. Stay tuned with us for more updates on this.

Article written by Girish Vidhani

If there is a new movie releasing this week, Girish will watch it. It is as simple as that. He is a big time tech enthusiast, and loves to play around with gadgets. His love for tech toys is visible in his writing. He loves Xiaomi as a brand, and follows them closely. He is also a badminton player !Contact him at [email protected]