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Play (For Medium) Allows You To Listen to Medium Articles

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing development in the way the users consume content. Audio-visual content has been taking over textual content slowly. While text still remains the leading mediums of consuming content, the audio-visuals means too, are rising. One of the most popular platforms of reading informative content on the internet is that of Medium. It has been one of the biggest means of communication, especially by eminent personalities and community leaders. Medium offers the users a clean, simple interface to communicate, and is rising in popularity. A new Chrome extension, Play (For Medium) now allows the users to listen to Medium articles.


Play (For Medium) is a useful extension for Google Chrome. It allows the users to listen to Medium articles while they can carry on with their regular tasks. Play adds a small audio player on the bottom of any Medium article, and clicking on it would automatically convert it into a playable audio which you can listen to, anytime.

The extension is rather new, and has been gaining major traction on ProductHunt. Play (For Medium) is a major blessing to those who love to read and consume informative content, but are too caught up with their day to day activities. The app allows the users to do much more at the same time while they listen to the content from Medium. Play (For Medium) is one of the most productivity enhancing extensions for Google Chrome.

A number of users have been commenting on the ProductHunt page of Play (For Medium), one of them (the top comment as of now) has also suggested it should be nominated for the Golden Kitty Awards! The developers have also responded to some comments where they have said that they are working on adjusting the speed and accent of the articles too. This is indeed a great extension, and something everyone must try! Click here to navigate to Play (For Medium)

Article written by Kishan Jobanputra

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