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Siri Can Now Read WhatsApp Messages From Your iPhone

Virtual assistants, over the years, have been becoming an increasingly integral part of our day to day life. With Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant and a number of new introductions such as Bixby and others, assistants are getting mainstream. In a latest update, WhatsApp will now allow Apple’s Siri to now read out your recent WhatsApp messages to you. This new update comes via v2.17.20 of the app.

This new version of WhatsApp comes with four major improvements:

  • Users can now ask Siri to read out their latest WhatsApp messages
  • The update also brings forward various visual tweaks to the Calls, Contact info and Group info tabs.
  • Users can now delete multiple statuses at once from the ‘my updates’ screen.
  • WhatsApp now supports the Persian language.

In the past, WhatsApp messages could be composed and sent using Siri. However, Siri did not have the permission to read out your messages. However, with this latest update you can now instruct Siri “Hey Siri, read my last WhatsApp message” and it will read out your latest messages.

What is worth noting here is that once Siri reads your WhatsApp Messages, it won’t be able to do it again! The update is already out for all users and should start working immediately after you update your app. This feature will only work for users who are on iOS 10.3 or greater.

As mentioned above, there have been a few visual tweaks too. Some icons are a little larger than they used to be. While the highlight of this update is Siri is now able to read your WhatsApp Messages, the update also brings forward a redesigned two-step verification interface. Also, the camera now remembers your last used setting (front or back). Update your WhatsAapp today to make use of all these latest WhatsApp features!


Article written by Jay Poojara

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