Spotify Group Playlist Feature Introduced on Facebook Messenger

Spotify Group Playlist Feature Introduced on Facebook Messenger

Spotify has been the only name that continues to give Apple Music a stiff competition. The company has been around for quite a while now, and keeps adding on to its list of features with every passing day. Spotify has been known for their accessibility – they are present on a lot of third party services, and this extra effort that they have been putting out is one of the biggest reasons of their popularity. In a latest update, Spotify group playlist feature has been introduced today for users of Facebook Messenger.

This Spotify group playlist feature allows the users to make use of the Spotify extension on the Facebook Messenger to create Spotify group playlists with your friends inside the Messenger itself, without having to switch to the main Spotify app. Users can now easily collaborate with each other over chat and build this playlist. Anyone in the chat window can add a song of their liking by making use of the Spotify extension and searching for a song.

Facebook Messenger has had the extensions feature for quite a long while, and the Spotify extension too, has been around for quite some time now. While most users make use of extensions to look up for GIPHY GIFs, the Spotify extension is also a cool add-on. Even that extension faded away when Facebook introduced support for GIF images on the main chat.

However, with this update to Spotify’s extension, it is expected that more users would begin clicking on that plus button to make use of the Spotify group playlist creator. What’s really cool here is that you do not even need to update your app in order to make use of this feature. This is because this is an update from Spotify’s side and the extension will be updated by Spotify. You can check out your Messenger today and see if you can create a Spotify group playlist.

Article written by Kishan Jobanputra

Based out of Rajkot, Kishan is an avid traveler, and a featured travel writer. He also happens to be a major tech enthusiast, and one can almost call him an Apple evangelist. He loves to recommend the brand to people. He is a journalist by profession. Contact him at [email protected]