Stand App for Mac Helps Make Standing a Habit


Often, when working for long hours in front of a computer screen, we tend to forget for how long we have been sitting, and it ends up being very, very bad for the posture. Healthy humans need to get up and walk around quite frequently. Sitting in the same place for hours is not just bad for your posture, but also bad for your productivity and creativity. The Stand App helps the mac users get a reminder in periodic intervals to stand up and walk around.


Named rather creatively, Stand App is a pun on Stand up, literally asking the user to stand up and move around. The app is available to download for the mac users. It follows the “Pay what you like” model. There is a section in the app’s website which reads “pay what you like”. Those who do not want to pay anything at all are free to hit 0 on the button and download the app for free.

Some users might say that they have an Apple Watch, and it reminds them to stand up every now and then. However, they might end up missing a notification, or prolonging it from time to time. However, having the Stand App on the mac ensures that it is right in front of them, all the time! This is indeed quite an interesting way to ensure the muscles of your legs are stretched out properly, and that you get timely breaks from sitting in one place.

This is indeed one of the simplest of apps, yet it solves quite a big problem. It helps the mind open up, the stress ease out, and the creativity flow. The Stand app solves multiple problems, and helps the users keep their work environment healthy. This is particularly of use for those who work with computers (Coders/Developers/etc) and end up sitting in the same desk for hours and hours. Interested users can download it from