Tesla Music Service Being Planned By Tesla


While the world of music streaming is largely dominated by the market leader Spotify and competitor Apple with Apple Music, many names have tried to tap into the business. The latest name that is planning to soon make an entry in the music streaming markets is that of Tesla. The popular electric car maker is now planning to develop a Tesla music service of their own.

While they compete against major car maker of the world on the world of automobiles, Tesla would now go head to head with Apple Music and Spotify once the Tesla music service goes live. Latest reports indicate that Palo Alto based Tesla is currently exploring the possibilities and is giving a serious thought to developing this.

Tesla’s idea is not exactly to compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music but to provide a more driver-focused music experience. Reports from Recode indicate that the company is in talks with major record labels and will soon come out with an in-house music platform. The Tesla music service is not going to be a game-changer in terms of streaming music, but is aimed more towards the in-car experience, creating playlists based on drivers preferences.

In one way, this Tesla music service expands the use of traditional music streaming apps. In the past it used to be on your phone and in your home. Now it comes to your car too. Tesla likes maintaining a tight control over their cars. This is one of the biggest reasons why they would rather develop their own music platform than outsource it to some other company.

“One thing to watch will be the degree to which other car manufacturers follow Tesla’s lead and start trying to control the in-car experience,” said Mark Mulligan, a digital music market analyst. “There have already been some efforts in this direction, but so far partnerships and integrations have been the norm.”