Travel The World While You Work: The Remote Life

Travel The World While You Work: The Remote Life

We all have that one friend on our social media friend-lists who is always on a holiday. Don’t you just envy that guy? No matter how you feel about that person, deep down, you too want to do the same. Nobody wants to stick to their job forever. Travel sets us free, and traveling opens the mind to a whole new level. The Remote Life offers people a chance to work remotely and travel the world.


Before we begin, let us tell you that The Remote Life does not offer you a job. It offers those who are already working remotely the opportunity to travel the world and work at the same time. While those who work independently/remotely can do this by themselves, The Remote Life makes it a lot easier.

For just 1300 USD per month, The Remote Life arranges for your travel, stay, food, insurance, community events, a local ambassador, as well as the opportunity to meet various different local entrepreneurs. The biggest problem that this website solves is that of minimizing the cost as well as the effort. While managing everything on your own might end up being costlier, as well as quite time consuming to find just the perfect match.

Moreover, The Remote Life is not just about getting to travel and work. It is about the community experience. TRL allows you to connect with 30 other professionals going through the same experience as you are. It allows you to bond with the local entrepreneurs, and to get a taste of the everyday life at the place you’re living at. For those interested to try this out for March of 2017, Bali, Cambodia and Thailand await you.

Interestingly, inviting friends to this website can help you get $50 for free! Your friends need to mention your name while filling in their application form. You may visit their website at:

Article written by Ishita Kothari

Gadget Girl Ishita has been using Android smartphones ever since they launched in India! She is a prolific writer, and is a big-time geek! She loves writing poetry, while she also writes code, as she holds a degree in technology. Contact her at [email protected]