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Vertu Launches Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra Limited Edition Phone for $360,000

Can you imagine a feature phone that costs $360,000? Neither can we. Unless it’s a Vertu designed device. For those uninformed, Vertu is a premium phone brand, which creates limited edition smartphones priced in at astonishingly high prices, often studded with gems and plated with gold. A high-end luxury phonemaker, Vertu has just announced their latest device: the Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra – a limited edition phone that comes out for $360,000.

What is rather surprising about this phone is that even after paying such a hefty sum, all the users get is a feature phone! The Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra is a device made in the UK, assembled by hand! All the parts of this phone have been manually put together by a group of the best phonemakers and design experts in the world. The phone consists of 388 different parts and 439 rubies, all of which have been put together manually.

The phone, priced in at $360,000 costs 2.47 Million Yuan in China. Only eight such smartphones have been created. Only one phone will be sold in China, while the other seven would go to international markets. In order to secure the Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra, all one needs to do is to pay Yuan 1000 ($145). However, the phone would only be delivered upon the full payment of 2.47 Million Yuan or $360,000. Upon the full payment, the phone would be immediately delivered to the buyer in a helicopter.

Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra is indeed a unique phone. However Vertu has had a history of creating such devices. In the past they have used titanium or aluminum body, sapphire-cut keys, a back made from alligator or ostrich skin to create these premium devices! Before being sold to a private equity firm in 2012, Vertu was originally started off by Nokia in 2008! The company sold it off in 2012 while retaining a 10% stake in the firm.

Article written by Ishita Kothari

Gadget Girl Ishita has been using Android smartphones ever since they launched in India! She is a prolific writer, and is a big-time geek! She loves writing poetry, while she also writes code, as she holds a degree in technology. Contact her at [email protected]