WhatsApp Albums Introduced in WhatsApp Beta Update
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WhatsApp Albums Introduced in WhatsApp Beta Update

WhatsApp is among the biggest names when it comes to communication apps. The app has been there for quite a while, and keeps updating its UX and UI, and adding new features from time to time. WhatsApp knows that one of the most essential things to do in order to keep the users engaged is to provide them with constant updates that they find useful. The latest update to the app comes in the form of WhatsApp albums. As of now it is available only for the WhatsApp beta users.

WhatsApp albums groups the photos that you send together in a more presentable format. Often when you send photos, they tend to spread all over the chat, making it endless to keep track of conversations vs photos. However, with this update, photos that you send will be clubbed together in an album for easy viewing and sorting. This is indeed a good feature from WhatsApp that will make the interface cleaner and more user friendly.

These WhatsApp albums club photos together when you send more than 3 photos at a time. Albums are generated automatically. The best feature about this new update is the fact that your chats will now be clearer and clutter free. In the past messages sent while you were sending or receiving photos would come in between and get lost while users would have to scroll through photos to read the chat. This brings in the perfect solution to that problem.

WhatsApp has always been known to introduce new features from time to time. The last major update to the app came when WhatsApp introduced status messages in the form of audio-visual stories. That move wasn’t received so well, but something tells us that the WhatsApp albums are going to be welcomed with open arms! Stay tuned with us for more updates on WhatsApp.

Article written by Jay Poojara

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