WhatsApp Business Profiles Spotted in WhatsApp Database

WhatsApp is rumored to debut a new feature which will allow businesses to communicate easily with users. This feature, often referred to as WhatsApp Business Profiles has been rumored for a long while. However, this feature is finally getting ready to make its beta debut soon. As reported by Droidmen, these WhatsApp business profiles were spotted in the database of the app.

As per Droidmen, the WhatsApp database featured tables called wa_biz_profiles and wa_biz_profiles_welcome. The first of the two features components such as ‘jid, email, address, business description, tag’ the other table features three components: ‘ID, WhatsApp Business Profile ID and Website’. When this feature goes live for the WhatsApp Beta users, the business profiles will show the corresponding details associated with businesses.

These WhatsApp Business Profiles have been spotted in WhatsApp Beta version 2.17.299. The database was extracted by a tool called WhatsApp Key DB extractor. It is also speculated that these WhatsApp business profiles might be accompanied with bots. As of now there’s no official confirmation from WhatsApp regarding these profiles.

With the arrival of WhatsApp Business Profiles, the app will be able to allow businesses to reach out to their users in a better manner. The possibilities are endless as it will allow the users to connect with the brand. Imagine customer support over WhatsApp. Imagine users directly asking businesses about pricing and other similar information for products. With payment integration also making its way on to WhatsApp in the near future, the WhatsApp Business Profiles might have a much bigger role to play.

WhatsApp has been introducing a large number of updates and upgrades to their apps over the years. The latest additions include colored text, better formatting and much more. Many of these features are still in beta, and expect the WhatsApp business profiles to make their beta debut soon.

Article written by Girish Vidhani

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