WhatsApp notes, a renovated version of the share option

The location share option is not something that is alien to the digital platform users. The location share option was already used by Facebook messenger, and Facebook uses many different types of location share like Nearby Friends, etc.  to check the availability of dear and near ones. Facebook had acquired WhatsApp, and that is not new news. But since then, one can see many features that are getting updated on WhatsApp that is similar to what gets updated on Facebook. In a similar manner, the WhatsApp has now introduced an even better version of location share.

The WhatsApp’s new location-sharing feature is known as the WhatsApp notes that provide one the live tracking of the people who have shared their location. This feature differs from the older one in a way that it does not just show the location of the place from where the data has been shared but also the complete tracking can be made to check if they have reached the destination or not. This feature has obtained an applaudable move from the young women of the country as well as the entire world as the women safety is a major issue now. The recent Facebook hashtag trending MeToo has proven the very fact that every 3 in 4 women are subjected to sexual harassment.

The WhatsApp has already become an end to end encrypted that means that the data which is shared between two users is not stored in any of the WhatsApp Servers nor they can be hacked by a third party. The WhatsApp notes also show the same end to end encryption embedded in it. The end to end encryption will only help one to control what they share, that is the user can stop sharing the location to the other person as and when they wish to. The best part is that the WhatsApp notes are not static but dynamic in nature.

The following steps are to be followed to use the WhatsApp notes feature; one has to first update the WhatsApp app from the google store or the app stores. One has to open the app and chose whom they wish to share the location with; it can either be a single person or a group of people. The chat box once opened, the attach icon has to be clicked to view the Share Live location option and thus one can make sure to others that they are safe.