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WhatsApp Video Calling Now Live on WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp is among some of the most popular names when it comes to the world of communication technology. The app has been very popular over the past few months, and has been a revolution in terms of communication. Facebook took over the app a couple of years ago, and since then, they have been growing like never before. WhatsApp has now introduced their latest feature – WhatsApp Video Calling.


WhatsApp Video Calling had been rumored for a very long time in the past and it is finally here. The app has finally started offering the users with video calling services. This has been a feature that has been long demanded, but has finally appeared here! The video calling feature is a basic service nowadays, which many of their competitors have been offering.

It is perhaps the arrival of the Google Duo that has made WhatsApp finally come out with this update. The rumors around WhatsApp video calling services have been around for nearly a year now, as the rumors began early in December 2015. The update has now been rolled out for WhatsApp’s Beta Users, and is causing waves of excitement.

WhatsApp Video Calling is available for the users of the latest beta version of WhatsApp. It appears to be a server-side update, and those users on the latest version of WhatsApp Beta who still don’t have the app could get it by wiping their data. Following the update, users can make video calls with other users who have the same version of WhatsApp with video calling enabled.

For those users who have the WhatsApp video calling enabled, if they make a call to other users who do not have it enabled yet, the call will got as a regular voice call to the other user. However, the person who is making the call would still get the video UI, sans the video.

Article written by Sheetal Sancheti

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